em_logo_april_6th_fatWelcome to English Ministry of KPC website!  Whether you are feeling lost in your life, or wanting to know the true meaning of what life is about, whether you are someone who desires to grow in your relationship with the Creator God, or simply to find a believing community, we invite you to our church.

This is not because we are a great church but because we serve a great God.  All of us here at KPC, have broken lives like most all people on earth.  We face crises and problems that are common to all: marriage conflicts, raising children, unemployment, family relationships, depression, anxiety, loneliness, addictions and death to name a few.

Being a Christian does not take away problems that come our way. HOWEVER it gives us the power and the transformation to face them.   And the source of that power is in God’s son, Jesus Christ.   Christianity is first and foremost about a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Just as dating and love relationships are so exciting, knowing Jesus is the most exciting, life-transforming relationship we can ever have.  (Phil 4:13, John 17:3)

So whatever your background is, I invite you to come and check out our church. Whether you are not a Christian and are seeking to understand what God is all about, whether you are seeking to find a believing community, whether you are so broken that you could be careless, I invite you to come and see.  My prayer is that we would continually grow to be a church that is a Christ-Centered Church for He alone provides the power and love to mend and heal our broken lives and community.  Our desire is to be a community of followers who are . . .

“Growing in Christ & Proclaiming Him to Others”